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international tech transfer strategy

Our mission

We work with innovative companies to help them implementing and developping efficiently and profitably their Licensing and tech transfer activities on the long-run, providing you with Licensing strategy and support advice, financial assessment of your intangible assets and Licence agreements negotiation and drafting. We have a long and proven experience with the use of methods developped by the ‘Cabinet Vaucher-Tisseront’, expert on the field since 1979.

A licensing compliance programme including a robust contract management and the conduct of royalty audits can generate up to 10 times their initial financial investment.


Targeted benefits

Our values : Cooperation, transparency and pragmatism

Licensing strategy

We help you to develop and commercialise your innovations based on the Licensing business model.

Licence Management Outsourcing

A licence compliance programme aims at collecting the fair amount of royalties in line with the commercial activities of your licensees. It also ensures the accurate application of the agreements by your partners.

We take care, on your behalf, of the day-to-day management of your licence compliance programme. 

Licensing Compliance programmes

We implement and/or upgrade your in-house compliance programme adapted to your specific needs.

Compliance programmes

Licence and Royalty Audits

Commercial data analysis strategy

Data generated by your partnership brings new insights for your business. Thus, it will improve your company decision-making process if those data are analysed with the aim to add measurable metrics to your strategy.

Those data, backed-up by the expertise built by your teams, will enable to better plan your global strategy and meet your objectives. It will positively impact your commercial results.

We propose you to support your move towards a data-driven organisation.

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