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Infinite Value, an international technology transfer consulting firm, is using the approved Vaucher-Tisseront methods, which have been on the market over the last forty-five years The Cabinet Vaucher-Tisseront has stopped its activity due to his Managing Director’s retirement, François Tisseront. Infinite Value continue to exploit the Cabinet Vaucher-Tisseront’s methods and know-how with an exclusive know-how and brand licensing agreement,

The Vaucher-Tisseront’s know-how: some approved and tested methods

For many years, Cabinet Vaucher-Tisseront has advised and supported its clients in their international development. With a commitment to helping innovative companies, Cabinet Vaucher-Tiseront has built its solid reputation on transparent collaboration with its clients and unique methods.
Indeed, the firm has developed innovative in-house methods that enable it to provide its clients with the best possible support. Based on the respective experience of managing partners Maurice Vaucher and François Tisseront, these methods enable us to respond effectively, appropriately and logically to our clients’ challenges.

These methods, which have been tried and tested by many companies, are now used exclusively by Infinite Value to help you:

  • Identify your international development opportunities
  • Check the feasibility of your technology transfer projects
  • Assess the financial value of your technology to support its negotiation
  • Identify your licensees and assess their potential
  • Draft your contracts

A comprehensive support for a smooth technology transfer that serves your long-term interests.

” Since its creation, Vaucher-Tisseront has provided its expertise and methods to a large number of companies, with a total number of assignments over 1,000. We can estimate that the cumulative licensing income received by the Cabinet Vaucher-Tisseront’s clients over the last 45 years is close to €1 billion.”
François Tisseront

Infinite Value and Vaucher-Tisseront – a mutual trust

François Tisseront wanted to pass on his know-how and ensure that his methods would continue to serve as many people as possible. He placed his trust in Claudine Joimel, backed up by her solid experience of international licensing contracts management and negociations, as well as their shared vision of consulting practice.

“I was looking to pass on my methods to someone who shared the same way of working, the same rigour, who would offer the same care and respect to her clients and who would respect the same professional ethics with the same concern to constantly satisfy the real needs of clients.”
François Tisseront

For Infinite Value, benefiting from the Vaucher-Tisseront methods is a way of consolidating its skills and expertise with relevant tools that strengthen the support given to its customers.