We support innovative companies strategically and operationally in the process of turning their innovations and related know-how into marketable and profitable products and services in France and in international markets with the use of strategic partnerships.

An international technology transfer strategy, which is an alternative option or a strategic addition to traditional export, is commonly used within projects of:

What is an international technology transfer?

International technology transfer is a way for companies to develop their activities abroad by creating strategic partnerships with local actors of the targeted markets to have produced, commercialised, distributed and promoted your products or services locally with the local partners taking responsibility for it. It is an alternative or a complement to traditional export whenever export is not the best option to expand internationally.

It is a way to reach a market by bypassing customs, cultural or local business practices, which can be handled only by local players.

However, international technology transfer is way more than just a transfer of elements of intellectual property and know-how. It is more importantly the implementation of partnerships based on trust and close collaboration over an extended period of time, open to all categories of companies and industries.

Therefore, it is essential to take the necessary time to thoroughly reflect on the quality of the considered partnership and the related commercial advantages before committing to such a contractual relationship.


Strategy and action plans

  • Analysis of your projects
  • Action plan to approach the targeted strategic partners
  • Optimal financial conditions evaluation
  • Contractual formalisation


Know-how management and preservation

  • Know-how protection
  • Implementation of know-how management best practices
  • Know-how valorisation


Financial valuation of intangibles assets, applicable for:

  • Company sales or purchase
  • Licensing operations
  • Fund raising

“INFINITE VALUE has done a very good job to finalise effectively a qualitative report for the financial valuation of LIFE-01’s intangible assets despite the existing constraints to make it.” (Translated from the original French version)

Thomas Faure, CEO, LIFE-01

“Claudine worked with me to negotiate a licence with a good control of the situation, which she did with good organisation and listening skills. Her input, performed in collaboration with the Vaucher-Tisseront firm, has enabled to give a new impetus to this negotiation, in an atmosphere of trust and by making sure that everything was clear and understood through the whole process.” (Translated from the original French version)

Justine Petit

“Claudine helped us to assess the financial conditions of a licence agreement of patents and their related know-how completed with her input into the strategic thinking of the licence. Claudine is good at making accessible complicated topics to non-specialists, which has enabled all the members of the team, regardless of their professional backgrounds (technical, commercial or IP) to understand her proposal to conclude the tech transfer. I have appreciated her responsiveness, her rigour, listening skills and her professionalism.” (Translated from the original French version)

Carole Guillaumin, IP and Innovation Valorisation Director at SuperGrid Institute