You have within your organisation:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Know-how and internal processes
  • A reputation and credibility

Your intangible assets are essential to your competitiveness and performance.

Assess and quantify their economic value.

Why to value your intangible assets?

A fair valuation is a strong negotiating tool in the context of:

  • Raising funds
  • Selling a business
  • Taking over a company

An objective and verifiable valuation, carried out by an independent third party and based on measurable elements, provides you with tangible and reliable arguments that will inspire confidence and cannot be called into question.

The valuation provides you with a qualitative and competitive view of your business, to help you make strategic decisions.

How to assess your intangible assets?

Our intangible asset valuation method, Viewmark®, has been used for 45 years by the Cabinet Vaucher-Tisseront® with numerous clients. We now offer it exclusively within Infinite Value as a collaborative negotiation tool.

Our method consists of:

  • Taking into account and analysing the quantitative aspects of the technologies being developed (past and future R&D investment, economic projections for the exploitation of the technologies, etc.).

  • Taking into account and analysing the qualitative aspects of the technologies being developed, based on around forty qualitative criteria (strength of the company’s IP, stage of product development, societal context, etc.).

  • Determining the value of the intangible assets analysed on the basis of the quantitative and qualitative elements presented above.