Since 2019, Infinite Value helps companies into their technology transfer projects by valuing your technologies and know-how to secure your development. Infinite Value uses the Vaucher-Tisseront methods, tested and validated for 45 years.

Based in Grenoble (France), Infinite Value helps companies to transfer their technologies internationally.

Based on rigorous methods and a relationship of trust, Infinite Value focuses on understanding your needs to propose you the best strategy and support in line with your interests.

Value your know-how and technologies – turn them into development strategic leverage for your activity.

Strategic Management

Claudine JOIMEL

founder of Infinite Value
Expert in licensing and collaborative partnerships.

An international experience:

  • 8 years with Arm Ltd, a leading semiconductor design company based in Cambridge
  • More than 100 licence audits carried out with Arm licensees in Asia, the US and Europe, as part of the ‘Licence Audits and Compliance’ department.
  • Bilingual English after 8 years in Republic of Ireland and in the UK
  • Professional experience complemented by legal and business trainings

Claudine Joimel’s aim is to help you turning your innovations and know-how into profitable products and services while protecting your interests in the process.

Why to trust Infinite Value?

Working with Infinite Value will give you access to:

  • Specialised and rigorous methods and expertise approved for over 45 years
  • A reliable relationship and respect for commitments
  • “Hands-on” approach with professional advice in line with the company’s needs
  • Transparency at every step of collaboration with Infinite Value

Methods selected by Infinite Value

Under licence to the Vaucher-Tisseront know-how and brand, Infinite Value is using its methods, which have been tried and tested for over 45 years.

The Vaucher-Tisseront methods enable us to cover the entire technology transfer and licensing process, in France and internationally.

They are your guarantee of a strong expertise based on tangible elements.