Know-how developed internally within your organisation and protected by secret are very valuable intangible assets, which are key to the companies’ success, if they are well managed.
Legal criteria must be respected for an internal innovation to be qualified as know-how, whatever the nature of the know-how (technological, commercial or organisational).

Why to protect your know-how?

Your know-how enables you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering more effective products or services. They form an integral part of your value proposition and enable you to maintain or increase your market shares.

Your know-how is an essential component of your company’s image and reputation. We protect your know-how, so that you can maintain your competitive edge and ensure the long-term success of your company.

Know-how can be valued in the same way as intellectual property (patents, designs, trademarks, etc.). Infinite Value supports you in valuing, commercialising and transferring your know-how, so that you can get a return on investment out of it.

How can you preserve your know-how and profit from them?

We support you in your know-how preservation and commercial exploitation by:

  • Raising your employees’ awareness of good practice, through training and coaching, to increase team involvement in the day-to-day implementation of these actions and the preservation of know-how.
  • Supporting you in the effective integration and implementation of these best practices.
  • Assessing your know-know value in line with the market.
  • Enabling you to commercially exploit them directly or indirectly through technology transfers in France or abroad.